Broken Garage Door Rollers

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Is your garage door acting up? If it’s sticking when opening or closing, you could have a problem with the roller system. The rollers in your garage door attach to the tracks and provide smooth motion when opening or closing the door.

Rollers work with bearings, and bearings have a limited life span. Eventually, after enough wear and tear, the bearings start to seize, resulting in inefficient garage door operation.

At the Garage Door Pros, we have the team you need to get your garage door back on track. We specialize in sales, repairs, and maintenance of all models of garage doors — our competent team of on-site technicians that know their way around any door system.

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Broken Garage Door Rollers

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You Can Rely on The Garage Door Pros for Your Repair Job

If you’re looking for same-day garage door repair, then contact us today. Our team of friendly consultants will book your service and send a maintenance and repair team to your home. When the repair team arrives, they quickly assess the damage and provide you with an affordable estimate.

After approving the repairs, our team will go to work in restoring your garage door to its former glory. We carry all the necessary tools and spares to your site, meaning that we don’t waste time finding spares to fix your door.

Our fast and efficient garage door repair service is the best in Oakland, CA. We have the skills you need to fix broken rollers and repair old garage door rollers.

How to Tell if You Need New Garage Door Rollers

If your garage door rollers seize up, it causes an imbalance in the tracking of the door while opening or closing. As a result, of the roller seizing, your door leans to one side when opening.

You might start to notice your garage door shuddering when opening or closing, or it may jam halfway. This problem is a clear indication for garage door rollers replacement, and we are the team to help you restore your garage door to regular operation.

If you don’t repair the rollers on the garage door, it might damage your motor. Inefficient operation places stress on the motor gearbox, and it may reduce service life. Get the Garage Door Pros to fix your broken rollers before they cause any unnecessary damage. We’ll repair or replace your garage door rollers, and ensure that your garage door tracks correctly.

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Fast and Efficient Service with an Iron-Clad Warranty

The Garage Door Pros have over a decade of experience in servicing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing garage door systems. If you’re looking for a new garage door, then view our website showroom or drop past our offices in Oakland. Our team of friendly consultants will advise you on the best garage door system for your residence.

We specialize in the sales, installation, repairs, and maintenance of any brand of a garage door. All of our work comes with an iron-clad warranty, and our prices are the best in Oakland, CA.

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With Years Of Experience

Our mission is to provide high-quality garage door installation and repair services for
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Local Mobile Garage Door Repair Service Company

With Years Of Experience

Our mission is to provide high-quality garage door installation and repair services for
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