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Do you know who’s waiting outside?

If the doorbell rings at your home or business, do you know who’s waiting outside? It could be anyone outside your gate looking for access. Blindly opening the entrance to your home or company is a mistake that could result in criminals gaining access to your property.

At the Garage Door Pros, we specialize in access control systems for your property, including intercoms and keypads. We have advanced audio and video systems for businesses that need to control access to their property to safeguard high-value assets.

We also deal with intercoms and access pads for residences as well. Whatever your home or business security needs, the Garage Door Pros have you covered.

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Entry Keypad and Intercom

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Audio Intercom systems

These systems are ideal for homeowners that want to beef up the access control on their property. With an audio intercom system, you can ask your visitor to identify themselves without leaving your home.

Can you imagine watching the last few minutes of the football game when the scores are tied, and someone is shouting at your gate? By the time you get back from shooing away a salesperson, the games over and you don’t know the result.

With an audio intercom system, you pick up your receiver or your cellphone and answer the gate from where you’re sitting. Once you experience this level of convenience, there’s no going back to your old ways.

Video Intercom Systems

A video intercom system is ideal for businesses. This system gives you a crystal clear image of who’s standing behind the door. If you don’t know the person, and your business deals with high-value merchandise, the video intercom could save you from letting a criminal into your company.

If a criminal sees a video intercom, they are likely to avoid knocking on your door. This feature also makes them an ideal solution for upmarket homes in California that need to enhance estate security as well.

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The Benefits of Access Control for Your Property

When you control access to your property, you have less room for error. There’s no more letting in people you don’t know or wandering over to the gate to find out who’s standing behind the wall. With an audio or video intercom system, you’ll never get caught out again.

Keypad Entry Control

A keypad entry system is excellent for securing areas of your business and home that are priority access points for the building. If you’re at home, a keypad entry on your front door is secure and prevents criminals from picking your locks. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again!

Business owners can also benefit from installing keypad entry systems at their premises as well. A Keypad entry system allows you to log all entrants and exits from your business, avoiding unauthorized access to your property.

Take Back Control of Your Property – Work with Professional Contractors

Contact our offices today and work with the best access control company in Oakland, CA. We have the skills and experience you need to secure your property. With a wide range of access control systems, and audio or video intercoms, we are your number one choice for home security in California.

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