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California winters can get cold, especially in the mornings. Walking into your garage often feels like exposing yourself to the crisp morning air, and you’ll need to bundle up before you head out into the garage.

The same goes for the summertime as well. Californian summers are hot and dry, and your garage will feel like an oven when you arrive home from work and park your car in the garage. Fortunately, there’s a way to get around these temperature fluctuations. The Garage Door Pros offer you insulation services to keep your garage at an even temperature year-round.

Our team of professional fitment experts will arrive at your premises and insulate your garage with our same-day service. One call to our offices is all it takes to give your garage a steady climate throughout the year.

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Garage Door Insulation

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Do You Need to Insulate Your Garage?

You may be wondering why you would want to insulate your garage. If you spend your time in the garage working on projects, like restoring old cars or engines, then insulation is a must. By insulating your garage, you save on the heating costs during the winter, and cooling costs in the summer.

It may surprise you to learn that failing to insulate your garage correctly results in adjacent rooms in your home losing temperature control as well.

As a result, your homes HVAC system has to work harder, consuming more electricity in the process. By insulating your garage doors, you keep out the cold and the heat, stabilizing the temperature in your home. By insulating your garage doors, you improve your energy efficiency, reducing the impact of your home on the environment.

Garage door insulation is an affordable way to maintain a stable temperature in your garage, without affecting the interior of your home. A properly insulated garage door keeps you garage 25-degrees cooler in the summer, and 12-degrees warmer during the wintertime.

Why Energy Efficiency is Important for Your Home

Insulation materials used in insulating your garage door have an R-value that determines their efficiency. The higher the R-value, the better the insulating properties of the door. At the Garage Pros, we only work with premium materials that have the highest R-values.

As a result, your home gets top-rated energy-efficient materials to reduce your carbon footprint on the plant.

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Only Deal with Qualified Professionals

When installing insulating on your garage doors, it’s vital that you only work with the best contractors in Oakland, CA. At the Garage Door Pros, our team has decades of experience in insulating any garage door available. You can rely on us to do a tidy and effective job, with no materials left lying around your garage after we leave the site.

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With the Garage Door Pros, you get the best service, and top-quality insulating products at affordable prices. Contact our offices through phone or email, and we’ll have one of our team members get back to you with an affordable estimate.

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