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Is your garage door giving you problems? There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to open the garage door in the morning, only to find that it gets stuck halfway up. You try to close and reopen the door, but it won’t budge. You have a meeting at the office in 30-minutes, and you’re dreams of presenting your new idea to your boss are starting to fade.

Fortunately, you can rely on the Garage Door Pros to get your garage door working again. Our team of professional garage door repair specialists is ready to help you get your door back into working order. Contact our offices, and we’ll send a maintenance team around to your premises to inspect the damage.

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Garage Door Off Track Repair

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Why Your Garage Door is Running Off-track

There are a few reasons why your garage door came out of the tracks. It could be a worn drum, a faulty roller, or maybe one of the supporting cables snapped during the night.

Regardless of the cause, the result is always the same. You get a garage door that sticks or leans to one side when opening. In severe cases, you might not be able to open the garage door more than a quarter of the way up the tracks.

If you suddenly change the direction when opening your garage door, it can cause the garage door panels out the tracks, resulting in a jam of the door when opening or closing. It’s natal that you don’t try and fix this situation yourself. Getting in the way of a heavy garage door while it’s opening and closing suddenly could leave you with a nasty head injury.,

Instead, rely on the Garage Door Pros to return your door to its former glory while you head to the office.

The Garage Door Pros are experts at figuring out the cause of the problem, and we’ll have it working correctly again with our same-day service. By the time the Uber drops you off after work, your garage door will be ready to roll.

The Garage Door Pros Difference

If you’re looking for a fast and affordable garage door fix, then contact the Garage Door Pros. We have a team of qualified and competent maintenance specialists who will solve your problem. Get your garage door running smoothly again, and contact us for an estimate right now.

When we arrive at your premises, we inspect the door and motor for damage. We also look at the tracks and rollers to ensure that everything is operating normally. Removing the debris from your tracks is a priority, as this can lead to sticking of the rollers during operation.

Next, we review the state of your cables and replace any broken or snapped parts on the door. Finally, we wrap up our service and maintenance program by lubricating your door tracks with commercial-grade oil for smooth operation.

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With Years Of Experience

Our mission is to provide high-quality garage door installation and repair services for
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Local Mobile Garage Door Repair Service Company

With Years Of Experience

Our mission is to provide high-quality garage door installation and repair services for
all customers in Bay Area California

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