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Garage Door Spring Repair in Oakland, CA

Did you hear a loud bang come from you’re a garage? If the door doesn’t work properly anymore, and the cable is lying on the floor, it’s probably a broken spring. At the Garage Door Pros, we specialize in replacing broken torsion and extension springs on your garage door.

If you live anywhere in the Bay area, call into our Oakland offices and speak to our friendly consultants. We’ll dispatch a repair team to your premises right away.

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Garage Door Spring Repair

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Reasons Why Your Springs Need Repair or Replacement

There are a variety of reasons why your springs may suddenly decide to snap. In our 10-years of experience servicing garage doors all across the Bay area, from San Francisco to Berkley, and Oakland, we have a few ideas as to why this happens.

Seasonal Changes in Temperature – As the nights get colder in winter, its causes changes in the properties of spring steel. It’s coldest in the mornings right before the sun gets up, right when you open your garage door to go to work. Persistently cold conditions can cause your springs to retract, developing gaps in the spring after a season or two of chilly weather.

Wear and Tear – Springs don’t last forever, and even the best manufacturers springs eventually fail. If your garage door is old, and you haven’t ever thought about servicing it, then a lack of preventative maintenance is also to blame.

What Kind of Garage Door Springs Need Replacing?

There are two types of springs used in your garage door system. These springs have an oil-tempered, galvanized, or PDS powder-coated finish depending on the brand and company responsible for installation. PDS powder-coated springs may costs a few dollars more, but they last far longer and are much more weather resistant than the other finishes.

Torsion Springs – Installers mount these springs parallel to the top inside of the garage door, using aluminum drums on either side. Manufacturers wind torsion springs under immense force, resulting in a spring that has the strength to lift your garage door.

Extension Springs – Installers mount these springs perpendicular to the sides of the garage door.

If your springs have a galvanized finish, and you live close to the water, the weather will rust them quickly. We always recommend PDS springs to all of our customers.

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Can Your Repair Garage Doors Springs?

No, we recommend you don’t ever try to repair garage door springs. Doing so will result in inefficient operation of the garage door and premature wear on other components in the system. Always make sure your installer uses a new garage door spring for any spring replacement in your garage door. The best practice is to replace both springs at the same time.

Call the Professionals to Fix Your Garage Door

With affordable estimates and expert advice, you can rely on the Garage Door Pros to repair your garage door springs. We service anywhere in the Bay area, with offices in Oakland, CA. Contact us for assistance and advice on any garage door repair.

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With Years Of Experience

Our mission is to provide high-quality garage door installation and repair services for
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Local Mobile Garage Door Repair Service Company

With Years Of Experience

Our mission is to provide high-quality garage door installation and repair services for
all customers in Bay Area California

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