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Garage Door Tune-Up in Oakland, CA

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Garage Door Tune Up

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Garage Door Tune-Up Service in Oakland, CA

Every garage door needs a tune up from time to time to keep things running smoothly. Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure that your garage door has a long service life. Contact the Garage Door Pros for a garage tune up, and you’ll get the following services and more;

Checking the Cables – We inspect the cables for any signs of wear and tear. If we locate any issues with the cables, we will let you know if they need replacing.

Checking the Springs – The springs are another problem point for garage doors. Our maintenance team looks for any gaps in your springs over an inch in width. We’ll provide you with reasoning for any replacements.

Checking the Rollers – The rollers are another common problem with garage doors. Worn rollers or seized bearings may result in inefficient operation. As a result, your garage door may stick on one side when opening.

Checking the Tracks – We inspect your roller tracks for any damage. If the tracks need repair or cleaning, we’ll schedule your garage door for maintenance.,

Checking the Opener – We look at your opener to ensure everything’s wired and connected correctly.

Garage Door Maintenance Service in Oakland, CA

After your tune up, we may need to schedule your garage door for maintenance work. When we visit your site for a maintenance job, you can expect the following services and more.

Cleaning or Repairing the Tracks – The tracks collect debris and dirt over the years. We clean out the tracks and look for any signs of damage. If there’s any damage to the rails, we’ll either repair or replace, depending on the severity of the situation.

Tightening or Replacing the Cables – Loose cables can end up causing malfunctions in your garage door operation. When we service your garage door, we look to tighten all the cables. If any of the cables are looking like they’re close to snapping, we’ll recommend replacement.

Springs – We also check your torsion and extension springs for gaps and signs of stress. If there are gaps larger than 2-inches in either spring, we’ll recommend replacement.

Replacing or Restoring Rollers – We also look at the rollers in your garage door and inspect the bearing. We’ll replace any worn bearings or rollers to ensure the door moves smoothly in the tracks.

Servicing the Opener – During the service, we’ll inspect your garage door opener as well. We open the case to look at all the wiring and electrical components. IF anything needs replacing, we’ll let you know in our report.

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