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Garage Door Weather Stripping in Oakland, CA

Are you looking for a weather stripping service for your garage in Oakland, CA? With the winter on its way in California, it’s time to seal and insulate your garage from the elements. With the Garage Door Pros, you get a professional weather stripping service at an affordable price, anywhere in Oakland or the Bay Area.

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Weather Stripping

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Why Weather Strip Your Garage?

Why go the effort and expense of weather stripping your garage? There are a few reasons why you might want to consider this service.

Dust Protection – The gaps in your door panels let dust enter the garage. Dust gets into everything in your garage. Storage boxes, tools, and let’s not forget about coating your car in a thin film of dust right after you bring it home from the car wash. With weather stripping, you don’t have to worry about the dry and dusty season in California affecting your garage or home.

Insulation – Research shows that the temperature in your garage can drop by more than 12-degrees overnight. During the daytime in the summer, the temperature inside your garage can be more than 25-degrees higher than outside. Insulating your garage keeps rooms adjacent to the garage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Extreme Weather Protection – If there’s a storm, high wind speeds can force water between the garage door panels, soaking your electrical components.

Insured and Bonded Service

You can rely on the Garage Door pros to weather strip your garage door properly. Our insured and bonded service gives you peace of mind. Our iron-clad warranty ensures that you never have to worry about the stripping in your garage doors weathering.

We pride ourselves on our reputation of providing quality weather stripping services to homes and businesses all across the Bay area. You can rely on us to use premium stripping materials, and our expert fitment specialists ensure a professional installation on every job we take.

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Work with the Professionals – The Garage Door Pros

Work with a company that has the experience you need to weather strip your garage. At the Garage Door Pros, you get a recommended and reputable service trusted by hundreds of other satisfied customers in Oakland and the Bay area.

Since we opened our doors in 2009, we helped hundreds of families and business across San Francisco insulate and protect their garages. Let us give you the garage door experience you deserve, and choose the Garage Door Pros for your weather stripping needs.

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Stop your search for the best weather stripping service in Oakland, CA. The Garage Door Pros are ready to go to work and install your garage door with weather stripping today. Contact our offices and get an affordable estimate for your garage.

Our same-day stripping service ensures that you prepare for when the weather starts to turn cold in California. Keep warm this winter, and save on energy costs in heating your home. Install quality weather stripping from the Garage Door Pros.

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